A happy customer will come back again and again. They’re also more likely to refer you to others.

In a saturated market, customers with options demand the best. Regardless of your price point, the customer experience you’re offering needs to be something different and better to stand out from the crowd.


In a world where the customer and more so the customer 'voice' has changed so much, it's important for businesses to focus on the following. 

  • Knowing what your customers want and when they want it
  • Be transparent on pricing
  • Ensure you have clear trading policies
  • Ask for feedback 
  • Respond to feedback!
  • Keep your digital footprint up to date
  • Always make it easy for your customers
  • Ask them to share their (positive) experiences


  • Know the customer pain points of your industry
  • Know what your competitors offer
  • Know what your customers’ expectations are
  • Use surveys to understand what they need from you
  • Track referrals and reward them
  • Keep up staff training and product knowledge

Any one of the team at Ashton Wheelans works with a number of customer facing businesses in retail and trades. We specialise in setting up and managing systems and processes. We'd be happy to talk to you about your customer service challenges. It all starts with planning clear business strategies and objectives, something Mark Tynan has helped many businesses with. Call Mark on 03 961 1762.