People are not robots and we are all motivated by different things.

That’s what makes managing people the hardest part of leading a business. 


A number of components make up the modern day worker. Things as diverse as an entitlement mentality, different cultures, experiences and even resources and technology can affect the day to day performance of your people. Having a plan in place and some clear structure around roles and responsibilities is a sound way to prepare people for working with you and within your business environment. 


  • Clarify, translate and communicate the vision and strategy with your team
  • Make sure that they have the opportunity to feed their ideas into this and also ensure that they have a voice
  • Provide clear role descriptions and expectations
  • Performance reviews should always look forwards not backwards
  • Ensure staff understand how their individual goals align with strategic objectives so they know how they can best contribute
  • Constant or regular monitoring of goals
  • Desirable rewards and recognition that are not always financial

It all starts with planning clear people objectives, something Andrew Oorschot has helped many business owners do. Get in touch today on 03 964 7205.