As advisors and accountants, sometimes we get asked similar questions often asked in different ways. Here are five quick answers to some of the most common queries.  

Do you work with small businesses?

We love small business. There are so many opportunities to help small businesses grow or cement market share. The introduction of Xero to the small business arena means we can offer meaningful insights that can make a world of difference to you. 

What if I just want my tax done?

Of course! Many clients want just that and we are happy to offer the necessary expertise. Dealing with the IRD and the changes in tax legislation can be scary. We can help on this level. 

How are your fees structured?

We offer a number of ways for you to pay. As a new client it can be a bit of trial and error as neither of us know where this new relationship, with us as your advisor, may end up.  For existing clients we are very open to offering standard monthly payments.  This arrangement suits a lot of our clients, helps with your cashflow and keeps us on our toes. 

Do you have experience with Xero?

We love Xero. It's by far ahead of the pack in terms of cloud-based accounting software. Xero has changed the way we think about the services we offer you. It has changed the industry and we believe we are ahead of the wave. We are platinum partners which means we have hundreds of our clients using Xero.

How are you different from any other firm?

We like to operate in teams, making sure you have multiple points of contact. We like to think we can offer an 'advisory board' approach to your business, bringing in the right person at the right time to give you the right answer. And if we don't have the answers in-house we will look to industry experts outside of our own four walls to connect you to the right person.

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